Charter Boats Virginia Beach Is A Must For Rockfish Fishermen

Published on December 16th, 2009

Charter Boats Virginia Beach Is A Must For Rockfish Fishermen

Virginia Beach is a place you have probably heard of.  It is a popular tourist spot especially amongst game fishermen. If you enjoy fishing and are waiting to get your prize catch, this is the area you need to travel to and enjoy the excitement you can have on the charter boats Virginia Beach is full of.

Located near the Atlantic Ocean where the variety of fish are plentiful and within reach of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is famous for sporting and charter boats. If you are looking to have the time of your life out in the depth of the waters, fun awaits you.

Finding a charter boat to get you to the hot fishing areas will be fairly easy.  It is a good idea to plan ahead of your trip to insure one is available when you need it. When shopping around for charter boats Virginia Beach take time to learn what the trip entails.

If the tides are roaring you want to have a piece of mind that your captain is experienced and has commercial licensing to have you on the water.  Life vests, rafts, and navigational systems are all necessary equipment for your fishing trip.

The cost of hiring a charter boat varies depending how far out you want to go, they type of fish you want to catch, and the duration of time you want to rent the boat for your activities.  When shopping around you will see prices and information for a great comparison.

Lastly, it is not very uncommon for charter boats Virginia Beach to require a security deposit when booking your trip. There may be a requirement on the number of people in your party to rent the boat.  Get your fishing equipment ready,  you may catch a shark, tuna, marlin, Rockfish, or even flounder.


Camo4x4s will always provide you with new and exciting videos on Hunting, Fishing, Outdoors, Four wheeling, Firearms, Dirt Biking, Boating, Aviation, Pet Related, Technical Advice, Making Money, Love, and more topics coming soon!

These videos are posted at random depending on times of the year. Examples: Fishing Videos – Summertime and Hunting – Fall Season!

Camo4x4s plans to continue filming in High Definition, adding to existing video equipment, and adding to web video content on Youtube. Camo4x4s has had casual invites to work on, assist, and star in a few upcoming hunting TV shows. Camo4x4s plans on growing and expanding as far as it will go!

Camo4x4s has recently opened a online merchandise store. The link is below:

Camo4x4s is working on a boat purchase right now to start filming more fishing videos this summer here in Eastern North Carolina. Camo4x4s is always open to the idea of new adventures and would love to be included on one of your hunting shows.

Camo4x4s Videos Can Be Found Here:

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I don’t know about you but I got lost at the ‘lights’ part and never got to ‘camera’ or ‘action’. If the event you want recorded is important to you, perhaps you should look into hiring a professional.

Having a special North Carolina party or corporate event that you will want to record for posterity?

Capturing the scene and mood from your event is what a videographer can do for you. Stuart M Edwards owner of Camo4x4s is the most subscribed to hunter on youtube with 9,550 subscribers and watched well over 6,000,000 times. His goal is to become a common house hold name by making and staring in documentaries, high end commercials, high end music videos, imax movies, and big screen movies, Digital HI Definition Videography has become the way to deliver video as a vehicle to store special memories re live the excitement of that outing.

Your wedding is such a special event that hiring a videographer has become virtually commonplace. Videos can be uploaded to online photo/ video albums for all your friends and family to see. Almost all North Carolina videographers will service weddings, but they are not all the same.

Camo 4x4s is your best bet for professional hunting and fishing videography; specializing in ‘bush videography’, you wouldn’t want to take a non hunter to a hunting expedition any more than you’d want to ask your plumber to take a look at your dental work.


North Carolina – Video Production – Web Commercials – Video Emails – Video production company – Video production services – Corporate video production

Digital media is now a staple of most successful companies. And new technology makes video production affordable. Whether you reach your target audience through banner ads, email blasts, online commercials or simply through your web site

North Carolina – Video Production – Web Commercials – Video Emails – Video production company – Video production services – Corporate video production
Digital media is now a staple of most successful companies. And new technology makes video production affordable. Whether you reach your target audience through banner ads, email blasts, online commercials or simply through your web site

Camo4x4s aka. Stuart M. Edwards has spent his entire life as a wildlife enthusiast in the Great Outdoors. His dad brought him up from an early age to be a hunter and to appreciate wildlife. His dad would always tell him, “son eat what you kill!” If Stuart did not comply by this simple rule it would mean deep trouble when he got in from hunting. His parents carried him to church every sunday and sometimes twice a week on fridays too.

As Stuart grew up he became an avid big game hunter. After finishing his time at college he decided to open a Camouflaging business (Camo 4×4, Inc.). He would camo other peoples vehicles and at this time he had two camo vehicles of his own. He started filming his hunts to hopefully make a DVD with one day.

 The camo business didn’t last long because the economy started to tank. Stuart decided to post some of his hunting videos on the web but needed a nickname. Stuart picked the name Camo4x4s for his youtube account. Now 3 years after joining youtube he is a partner with google who pays him to post advertising in and beside his videos. Stuart today is also and experienced executive producer and the list goes on and on… Now you know the rest of the story.

Camo 4x4s is a professional North Carolina sportsman videographer for hire. You want an avid hunter to be your videographer for your hunting trips, a wedding videographer might spook the game!

Stuart was one of the original hand picked partners on youtube 2 years ago from this date. Stuart is also the most subscribed hunter on youtube!

3CMOS 1080p HDV Camcorder

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If you’re going to hire a professional videographer, you’d better make sure he’s got the right equipment! Camo4x4s Hunting Videographer in Greenville North Carolina not only has the best video equipment, he’s got the deer stands, duck blinds, duck boats, hunting gear and more importantly he’s got a dozen years experience as a local hunter!

You can’t go wrong hiring someone who has what it takes… All of the above is why Google hand picked Stuart M Edwards’ Camo4x4s to be one of the first Youtube Video Production Partners.

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North Carolina Hunting
North Carolina Hunting Videographer
North Carolina Hunting Videographer
North Carolina Hunting
North Carolina Hunting
North Carolina Hunting
North Carolina Hunting

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Dead Bear Dumped At W. Carolina University

October 21, 2008
Listen to this article. Powered by Odiogo.com

In what could be described in many ways, the act of dumping a dead black bear cub on the steps of Western Carolina University, is despicable to say the least. The bear, weighing an estimated 40 pounds, was also adorned with Obama campaign signs.

Sensible people will know that such an act could have been perpetrated by almost anyone but the act in itself is done in order to incite an entire host of bad feelings, something the present campaign doesn’t really need right now.

Authorities are investigating in order to find out who is responsible for such a ridiculous act.

Tom Remington

If you were planning on capture your next hunting trip on video you *could* attempt to film it yourself… or you could hire a professional videographer. So what does one look for in a professional videographer?

I’d get one that is an avid hunter himself, I’d hire a videographer that already has the right equipment to get close, not spook the game, not bring foreign smells with him… I’d get a Professional Hunting Videographer that knows North Carolina, that’s what I’d do if I were you.

Stuart M Edwards owns and operates Camo4x4s in Greenville North Carolina. Camo4x4s is a YouTube Partner, meaning Google thought so much of his skills they sought him out to make Camo4x4s a YouTube Partner. Email him at camo4x4@aim.com